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For details on how our service can help you manage your practice better, please read on. We would be glad to give you a written quote of our fees once we have discussed your practice's specific needs.

  • We assign you an account representative who becomes, in effect, a member of your team.
  • We make sure your claims are error-free before final transmission.
  • We submit your claims electronically to Medicare, Medicaid, BC/BS, and all commercial carriers, and we do it within 24 hours.
  • We will design and maintain an easy-to-use superbill for you to get the billing information needed to us efficiently and accurately.
  • We can service your business no matter where you are in the United States.
  • We comply with HIPAA privacy and security regulations.

Additional Web Services

DNA Billing offers many services on our website at NO extra cost to providers. Some of the services include the ability to:

  • Securely access your practice data on-line, allowing you to look up information in our billing system
  • Connect to CSI/DDE (Medicare system) to check claim status, payment floor, and CMN equipment history
  • Connect to private payors to check eligibility, claims status, and payment
  • Download reports, electronic remittance notices, and forms

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