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Outsourcing Benefits


By keeping things simple in your business and concentrating just on core competencies, you can achieve greater efficiency and higher profitability. DNA Billing’s services and systems can allow you to focus your valuable time and resources on your core expertise, providing care for your patients.


The cost of in-house billing is substantial, and if your claims are being denied or delayed by review, you still have to meet these expenses. By outsourcing with DNA Billing, you save on operating costs such as payroll, hardware, software, office space, and postage, etc. You only get charged for claims on which you are paid.


DNA Billing has the staff experience, robust system, and overall aggregate resources at our disposal to help you create revenue. Medical billing is all we do. Our specialists are focused and solely dedicated to getting claims paid on your behalf without the distractions associated with in-house billing.


DNA Billing has a proven track record of maximizing revenue for our clients. We reduce denial rates by electronically transmitting clean claims to the payers. Our aggressive insurance follow-up and appeals keep our sights set on increasing payments and limiting non-adjudicated and misadjudicated claims. We keep you informed with advanced reporting and the ability to access patient claim information and benefits on our webpage with your username and password.


Hiring, managing, and successfully maintaining clinical staff can be difficult and present a vast array of challenges. Outsourcing with DNA Billing helps you eliminate some of these challenges and ensures that you have experts handling your claims.


Regardless of your company's size or if you are a new provider switching to an outsourced model or switching billing companies, it is easier than you may have imagined implementing a comprehensive solution with DNA Billing.

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